Qualifications and Continued Professional Development

- Qualified Body Control Pilates Teacher (L3)

- Founding Member of Body Control Pilates  

- Certified Franklin Method Fascia Trainer
​   for the Lower Back

- Back4Good Lower Back Pain Practitioner

- Qualified Bone Health Specialist    
​   (Osteoporosis and Osteopenia)

- Certified Franklin Method Pelvic Floor
   Fascia Trainer

Body Control Pilates Courses/Workshops
Pilates for the Older Person

Cancer Awareness
Understanding Medical Conditions

Pilates for Performance

Staying Healthy as a Pilates Teacher

Level 4 Movement and Adaptation

Sports Injuries
Long-Covid and How Pilates Can Help
Breast Cancer Rehabilitation and Pilates

Annual Development Weekend Attendance

Franklin Method Workshops
Flexible Ribcage, Free Lungs

Healthy Discs, Pain-free Back

Free Hips, Balanced Psoas
​Sit to be Fit


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Welcome to MA Pilates.  I'm Margareth - a Body Control Pilates Teacher.
Bone Health Specialist | Cancer Awareness Pilates Teacher | Back4Good Lower Back Pain Practitioner | Certified Franklin Method Fascia Trainer for the Lower Back and Pelvic Floor  

I started doing Pilates weekly after the birth of my daughter over 14 years ago and suffered crippling back pain.  After 6 weeks, I walked unaided and after 3 months, I was fully mobile and  pain-free - I was hooked!  I'm so dedicated and  passionate about Pilates, I've trained at the industry leading Body Control Pilates studio in London which follows the principles of Joseph Pilates' 'classical' mat programme. 

How can I help you?
My Pilates teaching focuses on alignment, correct posture and joint movement whilst tailoring sessions to meet your individual needs.  I can help you build a strong core, significantly reduce your back pain, increase your mobility all with the benefit of relieving stress and tension.  I provide 1:1 Pilates sessions in my Kingston home or in your home (mats and equipment is provided).  Sessions are £50 at my home or £55/hr plus return travel costs to travel to your home.  Discounts are available for pre-paid block bookings of private sessions.  Sessions via Zoom are also available for £35/hr.

A telephone or face-to-face consultation is provided before any Pilates programme and the completion of an enrolment form is essential.   All medical information is treated in the strictest confidence.

Feel free to email info@mapilates.com or ring me at 07565 889779.