Participants of MA Pilates classes are asked for feedback regularly.   Here are a few comments from participants:

"This is my first time trying Pilates and I am so happy to have found a brilliant teacher and class."  Lauren P.

"Margareth's Pilates classes are the best thing I have done for myself and my health in a long time.  Always fun, they make a huge difference to my strength and core stability."  Nina G.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed now my second term - Margareth is a kind, attentive and challenging (when needed!) teacher.  Thank you.  I love class!"  Carrie V.

"Very friendly and supportive class. Lots of laughter!"  Caroline B.

"I am really enjoying your classes and they are making a real difference. Thank you."


"Very relaxing and beneficial.  I found my core!"  Anonymous

"I feel like I have made good progress this time in a short period after holiday.  Better control/challenge."  Lindsay D.

Feel free to email info@mapilates.com or ring me at 07565 889779.